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WATCH: Every James Bond gadget ever - from the sublime to the ridiculous

and some are downright silly (pocket finger trap anyone?) but they're all fascinating in equal measure. Burger Fiction has compiled a supercut of all 193 gadgets sported by Bond in his movie outings, plus a few developed by Q Branch which never

ZFE 10pcs Japan sandpaper 34mm Oscillating Multi Tool Blade for Rockwell Fein Bosch Ryobi Dremel Makita Multimaster Multifunction Tools

Fitment note: Please see listings fit chart for compatibility 5) Fitment note: Adapter required for Rockwell (except Hyperlock) For: Fein Multimaster Bosch Dremel Makita 6) Fitment note: Adapter required for Fein Supercut

Vine: Dublin nail salon gets massive plug from Saoirse Ronan on the Ellen Show

The Ellen show has been teasing the interview all week, posting pictures and clips of Saoirse explaining how she teaches people to pronounce her name. Today they posted a Vine which is a supercut of all the times Saoirse mentioned 'Tropical Popical' on 

These 400 movies are talking to you

You migh think it's a relatively rare thing, with the most recent example being Marvel's Deadpool, but this lengthy supercut will educate you otherwise. There are plenty of popular choices here with more obscure options too. Woody Allen, John Landis

Oscillating - FEIN Power Tools Inc.

More than 40 years experience: Oscillating power tools from FEIN. With unique experience gained from over 40 years of oscillation technology, FEIN presents their .

Read This: Rolling Stone eloquently defends the compact disc

The once-proud compact disc seems to be experiencing its death throes in 2016, done in by the convenience and affordability of streaming music, and many are celebrating the death of the format, as if it were some deposed tyrant. But not Rolling Stone's 

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Misc. Tool News, Late October 2015 Edition

I haven’t used either of the Bosch jigsaw models yet, but my prior experience with cordless battery-powered jigsaws, and the Bosch 12V reciprocating saw, would lead me to believe that sawing-motion tools don’t last very long per charge, compared to drills and drivers. If you’re just looking to do small jobs, the cordless tool might be fine, but otherwise you can plan on the batteries running out of juice rather quickly, and the saws get slow and lose power and cutting ability even when the batteries are at half capacity. Not a big deal if you have the faster BC430 charger and two 12V batteries to switch between, but the slower BC330 charger could leave you with a wait time between sawing sessions. So, the corded tool would probably be better for extended shop use unless you have a.

Don't be blue over yellow grout

Even new grout between new tiles would need to be protected like this. The best grout removal tool I've used is the Fein Supercut or Multimaster. These small, hand-held power tools can be fitted with a number of attachments, including a semicircular .

Northern Irish MP Iris Robinson Compares Gays to Murderers

The remarks prompted political party Sinn Fein to call for her resignation and for the activist group Outrage! to call on people to start outing members of Robinson's Democratic Unionist party. Like Kern, she seems to wallow in the attention her bigotry .

Listen: Renua TD Terence Flanagan's radio interview has gone viral

Now it seems we can add radio interviews to the list as well. Terrence Flanagan, a TD for new conservative party Renua, took part in a live interview on RTE Radio 1's Drivetime with Mary Wilson. As you'll hear, it didn't go well. AT ALL. Flanagan, who .

New Fein FMM 350 Q MultiMaster Oscillating Tool Review (2014)

Fein recently came out with their latest generation oscillating multi-tool, the FMM 350 Q. I bought a FMM 250 Q MultiMaster starter kit a few years ago, and it has .

FEIN SuperCut 2.0 Q Long-Life BIM

Fein FSN400E (72362813613) Construction SuperCut .

Need to fix your FSN400E (72362813613) Construction SuperCut Oscillating Tool? We have parts, diagrams, accessories and repair advice to make your tool repairs easy.

Fein FSC2.0Q-BASIC SuperCut Construction Cutter with Case

Fein FSC2.0Q-BASIC. . Features: High performance system for interior work and renovation. Carefully selected professional set for the carpenter and interior builder - ideal for in

Fein FSC 2.0-CK SuperCut with Carpenter kit - How to .

put the Fein FSC 2.0-CK SuperCut with Carpenter kit into the hands of a real user to .

Broadway's Kyle Dean Massey to Make Feinstein's at the Nikko Debut

Broadway's Kyle Dean Massey is set to make his Feinstein's at the Nikko debut. Stage and screen star Kyle Dean Massey will make his Feinstein's at the Nikko debut for two performances only on October 2 and 3. The concert is described as a look back at "the .

Fein Dustex 25L Wet & Dry Dust Extractor 22 Litre Capacity .

Fein Dustex 25L Wet & Dry Dust Extractor 22 Litre Capacity - Compact, powerful wet and dry dust extractor for connecting to power tools when working in the workshop .

Fein FSC 2.0-CK SuperCut with Carpenter kit - How to & Real User Review

put the Fein FSC 2.0-CK SuperCut with Carpenter kit into the hands of a real user to get .

FEIN SuperCut Construction in Action

The new FEIN SUPERCUT CONSTRUCTION is the only oscillating power tool on the market whose capabilities are fully geared toward the demands of difficult .

VIDEO Best closing shots in cinema

So any supercut of the best closing moments in cinema is going to be just as subjective, with no real definitive list possible. Still Cinefix is giving it a go with their countdown of the best closing shots in cinema history. Yep Fight Club has an amazing .

VIDEO: This supercut of 90s Disney movies will give you all the emotions

Working as a trailer editing professioanlly, this was simply an editing exercise for the YouTuber, but it produced an amazing result. For more videos like this check out Ryan Shukis' modern makeover of The Lion King trailer.

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