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Holy Surf Boards.The Beginning

Greetings to all. This is my new Blog, and its based around what I have going on in my now here life.Yes this is a business blog.Not like a serious business, but a surf business. You see, I just started making surfboards, And flip.I have surfboards that I need to sell. So, this blog is all about the boards, and the waves of course, and a little bit about my eccentric self. So, welcome. The labels is called Holy Surf Boards. And this is the Blog. Surroundings. I live in Portugal, the very south and west part known as the Algarve. We are at the very southern tip of Europe, and are blessed by having an exposed western Coastline and a mellower Southern coast. I live near the surf town of Sagres. Naturally we have a great variety of beaches and conditions.

Clark Foam Surfboard Planer

Hitachi P20SBK 3-1/4-Inch Portable Planer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Hitachi P20SBK 3-1/4-Inch Portable Planer  (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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Hitachi P20ST 5.5-Amp 3-1/4-Inch Portable Handheld Planer

Hitachi P20ST 5.5-Amp 3-1/4-Inch Portable Handheld Planer
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PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer

PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer
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Surfboard Planer Home and Garden

Sticking to what works, the Fowler Surfboards Plain Jane 6'0 Surfboard lets your surfing speak for itself. The Plain Jane is versatile, fast, and suitable for surfers .

Surfboard Shaping Hand Tools : Foam E-Z, The Original One .

Foam E-Z : Surfboard Shaping Hand Tools - PU Surfboard Blanks Shaping Surfboards Glassing Surfboards Surfboard Fins & Fin Systems Surf Graphics Surf Books & Videos .

Modifications needed for a Surfboard Planer

Best Planer for Surfboard Shaping
Bosch Surfboard Planer
Best Surfboard Planer

Surfboard Planer for Sale

Week 12

Since Paul and I messed up on a crucial step on the creation of our surfboard we will need to purchase a new blank and restart the whole shaping process. We originally planned on getting someone to fill in the surfboard but this proved harder then we anticipated. Last week we remarked out the measurements. We also sanded and smoothed the board for shaping. This time around Paul and I are taking greater precautions while using the planer. We are spending way more time while running the planer across the board. We also decided on which colors we will use to glass the board. The outside of the board is going to be outlined with a dark green color. There will also be a black stripe lining the board. The inside of the board will be a bland tan color. Next we will continue shaping the board.

Milling the Thickness of a Surfboard |

Milling the thickness is a very important part of shaping. Every time you touch the surfboard blank with a sanding block or planer it removes foam. The more often you .

Stu Kenson's Pleasure Pig and Passion for Making Surfboards

As far as who has influenced me, there are quite a few guys that made me some insane surfboards thru the years prior to my picking up the planer to build my own. Max McDonald, Jeff Mack, back in the day were really open to trying different things.

Accurate Planer

The Accurate Planer is the answer to today's surfboard shapers looking to replace planers of the past. This is the future of planers made with quality and function in .

Amazing Technology Advances the Art of Surfboard Shaping

Modern surfboards are lighter, less expensive and easier to produce, and incorporate curves and angles that make them unrecognizable against vintage boards. Aku Shaper's computerized shaping machine dives into a surfboard blank. Even with this radical .

How to Shape a Surfboard : How to Use Your Planer on a Surfboard

How to use your planer to shape your surfboard is discussed in this free video series that will show you how to maintain and care for your surfboard to ensure .

Surf Thoughts on “Support Your Local Shaper” from a Local Shaper

Yet for those of us who have ever witnessed something they poured their heart and soul into, performing under the stoked feet of a happy customer, it's hard to imagine trading in the planer for anything else. It's those moments as a local shaper that

Surf Learn the Tools of the Trade for Shaping Surfboards

Many of them have multiple electric planers, surforms, block planes, and the list goes on. They just can't bring themselves to let their magic tools go. As mentioned above, you can get away shaping a surfboard with some basic tools available at your

Surfboard Auction: Billabong Art of Shaping LA County Edition

. one lucky shaper up with a brand new planer from Accurate Planers. Schedule of Events The Billabong Art of Shaping will be displayed on the floor of the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on October 8th and 9th 2011.

Hitachi Surfboard Planer Handle Relocation Part 1

Make Your Own Surfboard At Sunset Shapers

The steps of shaping your own surfboard at Sunset Shapers are pretty straightforward . “After the first pass with the planer, I was already hooked. In my mind, I’ve already started a shaping company.” Sunset Shapers is located at 3896 Noriega .

SOS: Answered

I learned how to surf in Puerto Rico as a grommet on a boogie board. One day, one of my older brothers gave me one of his broken 7'0”s when I was about 10 or 11 years old and I pretty much reshaped the tail into this big swallow tail, and my mother

Modified Hitachi Planer
Electric Surfboard Planers
Accurate Planer

How to shape a surfboard

Surfboard shaping is a challenge . measure the thickness of the blank in order to know how much foam you will need to mow. 5. Pick a power planer and remove the extra foam by passing it perpendicular to the stringer, from tail to nose or vice-versa.

Best of the Beach 2016, Best Surfshop Shaper: Pat Ryan

What to say about ET Surf's Pat Ryan? He's the oldest ongoing shaper in the South Bay right now. He picked up the planer during the shortboard revolution of the late 60s while working for Greg Noll Surfboards. Noll's top salesperson was an ambitious

Jed Noll talks about the advent of the Accurate Planer

When San Clemente-based surfboard craftsman Jed Noll . Nearly three years later and they've just dropped the Accurate Planer on the shaping world. Noll tells the story infinitely better than me, so I'll let him take it from here: There are two pieces .

Surfboards in the spotlight at annual event

Mickey Munoz lifts up the shiny, single-fin surfboard, his eyes studying every detail that . Martin, known for his ability to mass produce boards, was a master with the planer, a tool used to shape board. “He taught me a lot,” Munoz said.

Surfboard Shaping Power Tools - Foam E-Z

Surfboard Shaping Power Tools. Surfboard shaping specific Power Tools and Accessories. Displaying 1 to 10 . The Accurate Planer is the answer to today's surfboard .

The Church of Bobbers and Sinkers

Burch has spent the last couple years refining his talents with a planer and sureform around his home in Encinitas . Burch’s new shop (which Chemistry Surfboards used to call home; they’ve relocated just across the street) is filled with the fruits .

WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer, 3-1/4-Inch

WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer, 3-1/4-Inch
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